Want to expedite your goals?


Treat your life like a business.




Get the Boss Business Plan for Your Life


Use this 70-page business plan to plan how your side hustles into your career, your finances, and your personal brand can work together to reach your highest goals. 


Do you feel like...

- You want to start making money and building wealth, but you're paralyzed with where to begin. 


- You have a side hustle that you love, but butween your full-time gig and your social life, it's a struggle to balance it all. You NEED to get more out of this! 


- You want your side hustle to not only make you money, but improve your career, help your long term goals, and build a name for yourself. Hello PR?! Where are you?


Solution? Treat your life like a business.

The Boss Business Plan


Just like the big goals of a business, you need all hands on deck to work together and reach big achievements.


The truth is that achieving big goals takes all facets of the ecosystem that is your life. Big financial goals don't just come from money habits, it comes from career improvements, side hustling, exposure, and so on. Big career goals don't just come from professional development, it comes from PR, networking, side hustling, and so on. Make ALL of your life work toward ALL of your goals, and keep track of it here.

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What to expect?

1. Strategic Plan + Goals 
Outline your long-term goals, then break them down piece by piece to start taking action toward them today. 


2. Finances
Track your net worth, automate your savings, and create and track your side hustle income.


3. Personal Branding
Like a business has a branding guide, so should you. Build a brand, stand out, get noticed by influencers in your professional field, and let your talents shine.


4. Communications
Like a business has a communications strategy, so should you. Create a schedule that keeps you in touch with your important relationships and helps you build new ones regularly.


5. Quarterly Checklist
Every quarter, take yourself for a quarterly meeting and go through this checklist to make sure you're on top of your goals, your finances, and your network. Include a glass of wine. 

Who is behind the plan...


I'm Leah! I run the blog Urban20Something.com, a blog dedicated to helping young professionals make money outside of their 9-5 jobs and build wealth at a young age. 

I started my blogging and side hustling adventure right after I decided to decline law school acceptances. It was scary not knowing what was next, but by focusing on building multiple streams of income, increasing my productivity and side hustling like crazy, I was able to take the road less traveled, run from Corporate America, travel to Southeast Asia alone, and now work at a nonprofit in NYC, all risks and challenges that felt more secure because of my side income.